Carss Park pool ‘changed my life’

Carss Park pool ‘changed my life’

Carss Park War memorial Pool changes people’s lives - I know because it changed mine. 

When I first moved to the local St George area 35 years ago i couldn’t swim - seriously (coming from Dublin Ireland it just wasn’t a priority and I was keen to get fit and who knows what might happen from there). 

So I went down to to the pool, not knowing a soul, and was instantly made to feel welcome by Dick Caine and his crew. 

They were patient with me and I gradually learned to swim. 

I loved it and started to use the gym with all the terrific locals who used the facilities daily. Fast forward 2018 and I am currently ranked number 2 in Ironman in the world for my age group (was number 1 until last month).

There is no way I could ever have achieved this without this facility and over many years Carss Park War Memorial Pool has been like a second home to so many of us - including our son Tom who is currently ranked number 1 Ironman in Australia for his age. 

He trains there as I do and let’s not forget the hundreds of Australian sporting champions to emerge from this wonderful place.

To even think that we could lose this facility if the Georges River Council proceeds with its possible plan to demolish it and turn it into a car park  horrifies me and so many others that have learned to swim there, trained there, had there kids learn to swim there and generally provide a fantastic community facilty to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Surely no one or no council can turn their backs on such a rich history or momument to so many.

Natalie Mort, Kyle Bay