Each way bet on wrong way nag

Helensburgh Ham in action.
Helensburgh Ham in action.

What I know about horses in general and horse racing in particular would fit on the top of a pin.

Last Saturday I backed a horse at Randwick, but the horse -  not being used to big-time events - got nervous and ran in the wrong direction.

Didn’t matter - in my ignorance, I backed it each way.

Here in the shire, we have a horse owner who is very parochial when it comes to naming his horses.

Take a look at these for example: Shire Flyer, Engadine and Helensburgh Ham (pictured).

The latter two have performed creditably; in fact, Engadine won last Sunday.

The owner is a lovely Engadine cove who could best be described as a quiet achiever. 

In that context, I won’t say anything more than "well done, Bernie; do you need a co-owner; and it’s your shout ... again".

 Paul Hunt, Engadine