In and out of the information loop

RE the letter ‘‘More Information Please" (Your View, October 17).

In response to the comments from Brian Shaw, President, Hurstville Residents Association, I would respectfully suggest Mr Shaw submits a formal retraction for his claims and apology to Georges River Council concerning the lack of public communication from council.

Just in the last week, we received, delivered to our individual letterboxes, the latest issue of Community (Spring 2018), a 20-page colour publication from GRC.

And, this is definitely not the first issue from council as I have received earlier quarterly issues prior to this one.

Mr Shaw, forget "Council Comment", it’s now entitled Community.

It’s a very nicely published and welcome piece of communication to my household from my local council, we’re in the loop!

John Pearson, Sans Souci

I confess that Brian Shaw’s letter, "More information please" struck a resonant and familiar chord, notwithstanding Gail Connolly’s attempt to smooth out the kinks in and criticisms of council’s communications (Your View, October 24).

I have dealt with both the former Kogarah and the current Georges River Council on similar matters, and in my opinion Kogarah’s response was more reliable, face to face and actioned, regardless that council was toothless and evasive - a common response.

On both the building compliance issues recently addressed to Georges River in writing, I received either unfinished or no feedback.

One of the issues concerned combustible cladding, which has gone unheeded. Compliance issues are being ignored and the regulating authority is in denial.

Public surveys, community consultation and e-news don’t cut it for answers to or investigations of specific problems.

R Piech, Sans Souci