Kogarah to become 'unliveable' say residents seeking more time to comment on EIS for F6 extension

Residents have called for more time to examine and comment on the environmental impact statement (EIS) for stage one of the F6 extension.

A community meeting is also being arranged to discuss the extensive documentation, running into thousands of pages, which was released on Wednesday.

The deadline for submissions is December 14.

“Thirty five days is an impossible time period for a community already stretched to the limit with end of year commitments,” the chair  of Moorefield Estate F6 Committee Anne Field said.

“Residents affected by Westconnex were provided with 60 days to comment.

“Bayside Council has asked  for the community consultation to be extended to 90 days, only to be refused.

“A time period of 90 days would be more acceptable to the community, who have to digest a detailed document canvassing every aspect of the project.

“It would show that the Government  is ‘fair dinkum’ about community consultation.”

Ms Field said a community meeting would be held on Sunday, November 25 at 2pm at Moorefield Bowling Club, French Street, Kogarah.

“We aim to go through the EIS process with residents,” she said.

“The meeting is open to the local community whether they live in Kogarah, Rockdale or Banksia.”

Ms Field said Kogarah would become an “unliveable suburb” with extra  traffic associated with the F6 extension and new housing developments in the area.