EBP RSL car park – do we need it?

Re the article “$4 million club plan” (Leader, November 7).

Do we members need a five-level car park at the Earlwood Bardwell Park RSL Club?

Spending $4.4 million of members’ money will add just 68 car spaces, or a 28 per cent increase, which will cost about $64,000 per car space.

Yet the club’s own DA traffic assessment shows that currently with the ground level parking, at peak times more than 39 parking spaces are available. So where is the demonstrated need for a bigger car park?

Has the EBP RSL Club surveyed its members? How many patrons park there now? Is the new car park good use of the members’ money? Is it good use of public land? This information should be included in the DA.

The DA states that ‘‘The club has a shortfall of parking which results in overflow parking occurring on surrounding streets and on weekends and evenings and the use of some of the commuter parking’’ and that that ‘‘the existing development is operating near capacity’’. This seems to be the entire basis for the proposal, without evidence to back up these statements.

Has club management explored alternatives to the multi-storey car park? How about providing a local shuttle bus service for patrons during peak periods? That would cost less than $4.4 million. 

Resident and EBP RSL club member

I am appalled to read that the Earlwood/Bardwell Park RSL Club proposes to build a five-storey car park on the banks of the Wolli Creek adjacent to Bardwell Park Rail station.  This outrageous development must not be allowed to proceed. It will dominate the historic Bardwell Valley and destroy the views for hundreds residents and the many people who use the Wolli Valley Regional Park for recreation.  The community fought hard to save this precious valley. Why should its unique environment be destroyed to further the interests of gambling?

Judy Finlason, Earlwood