No Stopping means fewer customers for shops and other businesses at Caringbah

Business owners say many people have abandoned the Caringbah shopping strip since the introduction of an extensive No Stopping zone two months ago.

They say extra parking, which has been provided behind the shops, can’t compensate for 14 spaces removed from Kingsway.

The upside to the changes is that motorists are getting a faster run following the duplication of the right-turn lane into President Avenue and the provision of an extra through lane.

Something for Everyone owner Con Taske said some shops were suffering badly as a result of the parking change.

“I think we could see some collapse,” he said. “Why couldn’t they have just made it an evening clearway?”

Simple Simon Pies proprietor Kurt Bieder also could not understand the need for 24-7 No Stopping.

”An evening clearway, as is the case with other major centres, would have been acceptable,” he said.

”It doesn’t matter what extra parking you put in or near the Hay Street car park, a lot of older people won’t walk  that far up a hill to the shops.

“Twelve months ago, you had to wait to get a post office box in Caringbah, but I counted 18 for rent the other day.”

Ramsay Pharmacy pharmacist Nancy Lieu said there had been a noticeable drop in customers.

Lighting Affairs proprietor Arsen Agaciyan said the situation was “absolutely terrible”.

“There are a lot of disabled and elderly people who can no longer use the facilities along here because they can’t make it up the hill,” he said.

Mr Agaciyan said he believed Kingsway had become more dangerous, “with cars flying around the corner, and it’s only a matter of time before a car ends up in one of the shops”.

Cincotta Discount Chemist proprietor Ian Hamilton said parking in the Hay Avenue car park was “a joke, because it is always full”.

Cronulla MP and Attorney-General Mark Speakman said more offset parking would be provided.

”Caringbah CBD had been a bottleneck for many years and the changes have significantly improved traffic flow,” he said.

Mr Speakman said RMS modelling showed the intersection would have remained congested both for through traffic and turning traffic unless there was a second right turn lane.

“A clearway was not enough,” he said.

Mr Speakman said the 14 spaces removed from Kingsway were offset by 15 extra spaces behind the shops, and a further 10 spaces would be provided.

Some spaces in Hay Avenue car park had been converted to more limited time parking, and other options were being investigated.