Wolli Creek traffic plan ‘disappointing’

Change of direction: The intersection of Guess Avenue and Mount Olympus Boulevard, Wolli Creek which may be made one-way.
Change of direction: The intersection of Guess Avenue and Mount Olympus Boulevard, Wolli Creek which may be made one-way.

Re the article ‘‘Traffic change at Wolli Creek’’ (Leader, November 21).

I am writing in relation to the proposal by Bayside council to make Wolli Creek one-way.

The public was asked to make an assessment on the proposal and choose one of two options, yet was provided with incomplete information:

  •  How can an assessment be made when we are not told which sections of the streets are being considered as one-way,     and the proposed over-all flow of traffic?
  • How does the proposal deal with access and egress to Woolworths?
  • How will either option provided stop traffic making a short-cut unless Brodie Spark Avenue (or parts of) is also made one-way. Is this a consideration which is not being communicated in the proposal? 
  • What of the locals and residents for which this route is not a short-cut, but a bone fide point of access? This proposal will mean locals and residents will have to detour onto the Princes Highway to access home to and from most areas within Sydney, further increasing journey time.

My daughter travels to Randwick for school. Both of her bus options were removed from Rockdale station two months ago with no public consultation and five days notice.

She now catches a bus from Wolli Creek. Under this proposal the journey to the bus stop will be even more arduous, and the bus journey even longer.

I am a resident who has used these roads for 10 years. Over that time I have been impacted by reduced parking - not for the benefit of residents, but for the benefit of developers to park their work vehicles.

The traffic volume has increased expedenitally while public transport is eroded. There is not even a bus from Forest Road to the city. 

How can this be called public consultation? Both my daughter and I drive, cycle and walk in this area on a daily basis and have seen no communications - no posters, no people giving out flyers, no information stands set up by Bayside Council.

Is this proposal to be put into place by steath? Woolworths exit is now left-turn only, forcing users trying to get onto Princes Highway to go round Wolli Creek. Why could not traffic lights have been put in? If the lights changed frequently there would be less chance of a build-up of queues, and less impact on traffic-flow (which is slow anyway there).

Yes, there are black spots around Wolli Creek for pedestrians and cyclists. Most of these have been created to provide access and ease to developers and big companies. Most of these could be dealt with with pedestrian lights and better placed crossings. What about a cycle path? What about a car park for station users instead of one of the tower blocks?

A disappointing, yet unsurprising proposal.

Helen Williams