Do you have a question for PM Scott Morrison?

He’s not the first Prime Minister to have shared the hashtag or even the concept, but yes, you can DM the PM.

That’s direct message the Prime Minister – on Facebook, of course.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, fresh from his G20 exploits in Argentina, plans to go live at 5.30pm today. 

You can catch up with the first prime minister from the shire (Gough Whitlam lived at Cronulla between 1947 and 1957 before relocating to Cabramatta and becoming PM in 1972) at his “live event” right here this afternoon.

While RSVPs aren’t exactly necessary, the Member for Cook – otherwise known as the 30th Prime Minister of Australia –  hasn’t exactly been swamped by a wave of respondents.

A tick over 120 have indicated they might pop along to see what the PM has to say, but with 200-plus comments on his post there certainly is interest.

At this stage he can expect questions about climate change and the Paris Agreement, the future of the Liberal Party and the timing of the next federal election.