School response to train hooligans ‘unbelievable’

Travelling from Cronulla on a train recently, I was absolutely disgusted with the behaviour of high school students who boarded the train at Oatley. 

There must have been about 50-60 students all in one carriage. 

The amount of swearing between them was appalling, (I lost count of how many "c’s" and "f’s" I heard) and the loud music being played by one of them displayed a total lack of respect for any one else on the train. Luckily my stop was Mortdale, and I managed to get off this carriage, fearing for my safety, just as a fist fight broke out between two males, who had been taunting each other with racial slurs. 

I was so shaken when I got off that I decided to call the school to complain. 

Their response, "I will pass this on to our Vice Principal, but next time this happens you should call the police."

 Next time this happens!

Does anyone else find this response from the school unbelievable? 

Take some responsibility for your students behaviour as they are all in uniform, representing the school to the community on public transport.

Michael, Mortdale