The Bearded Bakers bring Beirut to the beach at Brighton-Le Sands

The Bearded Bakers will bring Beirut to the beach over the next two weekends with their pop-up bakery at Brighton-Le-Sands.

Knafeh will assemble a temporary bakery next to Republiq Shisha Bar & Grill on the Botany Bay side of the pavilion on The Grand Parade.

The “Summer nights by the Sea” themed event will combine Republiq’s authentic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean inspired menu with Knafeh’s signature baking and shaking to kick off the warmer months.

“I like to describe what we do is as selling an experience”, says Knafeh’s creative director Ameer El-Issa.

It’s an apt description for a night out that often features charismatic Baker’s dancing and winning over the crowd with their cheeky charm.

“Our collaboration with Republiq gives us an amazing platform to showcase all of the amazing Middle Eastern things we both of us pride ourselves on – hospitality, generosity, warmth – and of course delicious food!,” says Ameer.

For the unfamiliar, Knafeh’s signature dessert is a personally-inspired take on an Arabic icon - a molten, creamy cheesecake-like dessert topped with pistachios and a crunch.

“We took my mum’s recipe and added a little spice and a lot of soul – and, usually, a shipping container,” says Ameer.

“But this week we’ve done something special and created a custom-built structure inspired by the laidback beach bars of Lebanon.”

Ameer, said their  “Jerusalem street food” brings all types of people together.

“Our family is Palestinian Christian, but we have Muslims baking here with us,” he said.

"Knafeh is loved all over the Middle East. It is one of the region's symbolic desserts and the love for it transcends all races and religions and cultural backgrounds.

"We feel so blessed that because it is one of those rare projects that is so powerful and such a different experience it is bringing people together.

"We get hipsters foodies, designers, oldies and the later in the night it gets – the younger the clientele gets."

  • Knafeh will be at Republiq Bar and Grill, Opposite, 96 The Grand Parade, Brighton-Le-Sands, from Thursday, December 13 to Sunday, December 16 and again next week from Thursday, December 20 to Sunday, December 23 from from 6pm to late.