Photos, Video | Cronulla Sharks captain Paul Gallen issues threat to John Hopoate ahead of fight

Paul Gallen has issued a threat to John Hopoate ahead of their bout next month, saying he plans to end the notorious rugby league personality’s career.

The Sharks captain will fight Hopoate at the Star of the Ring Charity Fight Night at the Hordern Pavilion on February 8.

A video filmed by Gallen’s Cronulla teammate Andrew Fifita emerged on social media on Monday where Gallen promised to end Hopoate’s professional sporting career.

Gallen vows the fight will be “the last professional sports thing you ever do.” While Fifita repeatedly screams “he’s coming for ya.”

Gallen took to social media on Monday night, releasing a video through his Instagram account where he claimed the original video was sent using private messaging service, WhatsApp, and was posted to social media by Hopoate without permission.

Warning: Obscene language. Video: YouTube

Gallen then reiterated his threat to Hopoate.

“WhatsApp groups are designed for teams or groups of people where there’s an element of trust there that you don’t share what’s put on there,” Gallen said.

“Andrew Fifita posted a video on a private WhatsApp group and Hoppa has ripped that off and posted it on social media. I think it’s pretty ordinary myself.

“I just want to remind you, Hoppa, and everyone else, that you chased this fight. You’re the one who called me a coward, you’re the one who said ‘sign the contract’ and that I’ll never fight again.

“Well I’ve signed it mate and I’ll be there. I promise you right now you’re not going to handle what’s coming.

“I’m really looking forward to the night and I’m training hard and I hope you are as well buddy.

“Because like I said on that video, this will be your last fight, you won’t fight again after this because I will knock you out champ.”

Tickets for the bout go on sale this week.

Gallen has not fought since his victory by unanimous decision over Puna Rasaubale at Sharks Leagues Club in November 2017.

The 37-year-old veteran has an 8-0 professional boxing record.

Hopoate, 44, has not fought since 2010 when he was disqualified in his bout against Shane Cameron.

Rockdale’s Tim Tszyu will feature on the undercard.