Video | Rising Blakehurst comedian puts the public to the test

Street chat: Young Aussie comedian Kate Wilkins.
Street chat: Young Aussie comedian Kate Wilkins.

Reckon you’re smarter than a high school kid?

Rising Australian star of comedy, Kate Wilkins, of Blakehurst, took to the streets of Sydney to find out how many Aussies could prove that they could match the intelligence of the average student.

A national grand finalist in the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Class Clowns Competition, Ms Wilkins received the 2018 Jordan McLellan Memorial Trophy for Best New Improviser.

She coaches primary and high school students in improvisation, and also performs as a part of the University of Sydney Ensemble.

A recent survey of more than 1000 Australians showed that 81 per cent did not know Pythagoras theorem.

People surveyed aged 55 and older were the strongest performing age group when it came to answering typical questions a high school would study. They were followed by the 18-34 age group.

The survey and video were created ahead of the release of the film Night School on Blu Ray, DVD and digital. Ms Wilkins collaborated with Universal Sony Home Entertainment on the project.