A wave a day for cancer patients

SurFebruary: Just catch a wave everyday-it's that easy. Picture John Veage
SurFebruary: Just catch a wave everyday-it's that easy. Picture John Veage

There are hundreds of good causes to support but for a surfer,the thought of having to catch a wave everyday for 28 days seems too easy to be a challenge.

In 2018 the inaugural Sutherland Shire SurFebruary campaign raised over twenty thousand dollars for the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Cancer Centre and this year the mission is to aim for fifty thousand.

With an annual campaign in February, participants are encouraged to catch a wave a day to raise life-changing funds for cancer patients, carers and their families.

To participate you can surf solo, join a team of surfers to tag-team,which is perfect for those with a busy schedule or start your own team.

Although the main image for the charity is surfing, there is no discrimination against which activity you choose to partake in, so long as it is water-based.  

You don’t  have to surf if it isn’t your thing. Swimming, kayaking or go for a beach run every day- the options are endless,you can just log on and sponsor a participant,it all helps .

After a trying time in their life, husband and wife team Aaron and Jenna-Lea Clark along with Mike Durante decided to harness the power of this natural phenomenon for the good of others by launching SurFebuary.

Jenna-Lea was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cervical cancer seven weeks after the birth of her first daughter, Summer. After being informed the duo would not be able to have any more children, Jenna-Lea underwent three years of medical care and multiple surgeries including a modern trachelectomy procedure, and now lives a cancer-free life with Summer, Arron, and her miracle baby boy Vander who was conceived after her life-saving treatment.

After this transformative experience the Clark’s decided to give back, and so SurFebruary was born.

SurFebruary partners with Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, a  world-class not-for-profit integrated cancer treatment centre, and fully operational cancer hospital. They share a mission to educate the population about cancer, provide diagnosis and treatment, care for sufferers and their families, and to soon prevent cancer once and for all.

It's easy to get on board before 1st February, the joining site is: http://donate.mylifehouse.org.au/campaign/11/surfebruary

For more info people can go to out facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/surfebruary/

There are plenty of options, and registration is free. You’ll receive your very own Surfer Page to share with your family and friends, as well as a social media pack to help you tell others about your journey.