Replacing pool with a car park is ‘criminal’

Show of hands: About 250 people attended a recent rally to voice support to save Carss Park Pool.
Show of hands: About 250 people attended a recent rally to voice support to save Carss Park Pool.

RE the the future of Carss Park Pool.

Attempting to allay community fears by way of an update on the website, Georges River Council states: “Recently there has been incorrect information publicised in the community regarding the Kogarah War Memorial Swimming Pool.  At no time has Georges River Council considered the future construction of residential units at the site. These claims are misleading and incorrect.”  

However, they fail to mention the proposal for a car park.

The update goes on to say:  “The Kogarah War Memorial Pool has many structural problems which are unfortunately beyond repair” and provides a link to the independent structural engineer’s assessment report.

The patrons who frequent the public pool understand the serious nature of the remediation works required.  Council must take responsibility for allowing the pool to fall in to such disrepair and own the fact the existing structural issues should have been addressed decades ago.

Georges River Council, the previous administrators and the council prior to the amalgamation, must acknowledge their appalling record for providing satisfactory maintenance of the Carss Park public pool.  

Ongoing failure to invest in necessary maintenance and remediation works is a poor reflection of understanding of community values and needs, contrary to the principles and strategies set out in the Community Engagement strategies published on their website.  

More often than not, council’s strategic directions have been devoid of vision, reflecting a mindset removed from the realities of community needs in relation to public amenities and facilities such as public pools and open recreational space.  

Council state and federal government now have the opportunity to demonstrate a change in culture with their future strategic directions in regards to adequate provision of social and public infrastructure which actually improves the well being of the burgeoning population.

Provide increased commuter parking in Kogarah, Hurstville, Riverwood, Mortdale and surrounding rail corridors. Don’t replace a public pool with a parking station at Carss Park where there is no train line! 

To do so would be criminal!

Penelope Johnstone Lugarno