A few facts about recalculation of rates

A few basic facts regarding the recalculation of our rates should be put forward.

Daniel Biro in Leader (Your View, January 16) is more than content with the current rating method and screams the proposed adjustment is “cynically unfair”.

What is unjust is not allowing our shire to address a significant back log of infrastructure is our current system.

1. The average number of residents in a free standing house is 3.  The average number is a unit is 2.

2. Unit owners can be paying as little as $602 per annum in rates.  In the same location (not a waterfront) my neighbours and I are paying approximately $3000 per annum.

And this still applies to many of our aging citizens trying to remain independent in their own homes where there is only one or two people.

3. We still use the same roads, footpaths, libraries, parks and every other facility provided and requiring maintenance.  In fact if you’re in a home unit you are more likely to be using recreational open space.

4. Example. The Brick Pit development is to have an 8000sqm park with extensive facilities that will be maintained by ratepayers. At a recent council information session engineers statedthe total rates (eventually) collected will be approxinately $500,000.  They said this alone will be required to annually maintain the accompanying park.

Our shire has extensive beaches, wetlands and waterways, leisure centres and parks.  

What we have not read from unit owners and investors is any indication of many times more paid in rates by home owners might be a “fair go”.  

The current proposal, some are in a lather about, would still see many of us in our homes paying 300 per cent more in rates compared to unit block neighbours.

Currently the audited and documented back log of infrastructure needs runs into the tens of millions of dollars. “Roads, rates and rubbish”, no thanks I don’t support an anorexic model of Local Government. 

We  rely on our mayor and councillors to have the character of office not to dodge a difficult decision and ‘‘kick the can down the road’’.

Lastly a wrap.  The town centre cleaning in Gymea and Caringbah is excellent.

David Redmond, Caringbah South