Straight to the point

Music festival disclaimer

Instead of pill testing prior to entry to music festivals, which implies it is OK to take illegal drugs unless proved to be dangerous, a better scheme would be to have admission tickets clearly state that all costs resulting from medical treatment for illegal drug consumption must be paid in full by the patient or legal guardian or be sued in court. If widely published, this would discourage the current moronic attitude widely held by young people that overdosing is not really any great problem as the state health system will take care of everything at huge taxpayer expense.

Ian Sinclair, Yowie Bay 

Return Bonnie Vale sites

Since closing the campground at Bonnie Vale in September 2018, no remedial works have been completed. Prediction - if the NSW Government is returned in March,  Bonnie Vale will be "remediated"  into expensive cabins and campsites will be removed.  I hope I am wrong. NPWS needs additional funding, not more pressure to "make a profit".  

Dominique Passmore, Heathcote

5 Ways is the pinch point

Re the article ‘‘Intersection Upgrade could take 8 months” (Leader, January 16). It is difficult to understand why the State MP Eleni Petinos would think the announced work to be done on Taren Point Road to funnel more traffic onto the The Boulevarde heading west is positive for constituents.  She has probably cost herself votes of many residents on the Boulevarde. This road is already at capacity for long periods of the day heading west. The pinch point is the very large 5 Ways intersection. The planned works will simply mean more vehicles queued up waiting to across that intersection.

Colin Williams, Miranda

Desal a waste of money

Re the article “Desal switched on” (Leader, January 30).  Biggest waste of money ever by our politicians/leaders. Money in someone’s pocket.

Dean Hill 

Too much Kogarah coffee

Yet another coffee shop has opened up in Kogarah. That makes at least a dozen in, or just off, the main street of Kogarah. It’s always been my contention that that’s what’s wrong with the USA - too much coffee.  At least, hopefully, Kogarah won’t be invading other suburbs in the vain hope of improving them.

Gary Frances, Bexley