Pine Park upgrade gets the thumbs up

Pine Park: Improvements at Ramsgate beach. Picture: John Veage
Pine Park: Improvements at Ramsgate beach. Picture: John Veage

RE the article ‘‘Beachfront makeover: $4M upgrade of Pine Park close to completion’’ (Leader, February 6).

Too bad the weekends are not able to be enjoyed by the locals as much as it is enjoyed by the out of area visitors because it becomes far too congested. 

Hey Bayside Coucil,how about paid parking? User pays - why not? It works in other beachside councils. 

Also how about on the spot fines for littering - has this been considered? 

Gina Cameron-Bailey 

I’m sure all locals would agree with you Gina. And yes I’m all for paid parking and fines for littering

Maja Stojceska

I live in the same area and second the idea for paid parking! It becomes very congested on the weekend and probably being free is a big driver of that

Anne-Maree Siderides 

It is fabulous, as are all the new amenity blocks along the bay. Looking very good. 

Now here is hoping all the slobs take their rubbish, nappies etc home with them and don’t pollute … really annoying!

Lee Duffy 

It’s great, I mean, more parking, amenities, etc etc.

What I really would like to have seen is some actual business in the parkland. 

Maybe a nice big square where you could have a fountain, some kids play equipment and some room to have day/night time stalls, a couple of small kids rides, cafes, ice cream shops, a bar or two even. 

I mean, come 7pm and the place is a ghost town. Bring some life to the evening as well I say!

Have it operate from the middle of spring to the middle of autumn maybe??

Michael Siderides 

Let’s hope the area is respectfully used by all, it’s such a great space now, thanks Bayside Council.

Michelle Nadge 

Congrats to the council which has done a superb job but still missing are showers (like the one opposite to Coles) and some portable bins at the beach (due to people too lazy to take stuff to the ones provided in the park).

Please do send traffic inspectors on weekends due the parking becoming a mess parking and parking on the new garden beds just finished!

The area is looking spectacular and needs looking after.

Wilson Silva 

Good job, however one of the facilities at Dolls Point has been “temporary closed due to vandalism” for about two or three years.

Greg Black 

That is a great start, now they can do the rest of the foreshore.

Tony Patrulovski 

We usually cycle on the “high path” however no easy way to get to the road southern end (Caruthers Avenue) hopefully a link will be there when completed.

Greg Black 

Only negative is the high speed bicycle riders that are riding through. Vehicles entering and pedestrians entering. An accident waiting to happen.

Todd Smith

Drove past today, looks fantastic.

Kay Cook 

I like it. I think it looks great and well spread out. Plenty of room for everyone.

Heather Kcx 

More bins to prevent littering might help.

I think it is a great step forward and just like the road is there to share, so is the land.

Shirley Naylor 

Well done Bayside Council.

Suzee Logan