New aquatic centre needed

Getting the message out: There was a strong show of support at a recent rally to save Carss Park Pool.
Getting the message out: There was a strong show of support at a recent rally to save Carss Park Pool.

I note Ms Johnstone’s letter (Your View, February 6). 

I wholeheartedly agree with her, Georges River Council and its predecessors have neglected Carss Park Pool for decades.

However, there is no doubt that the current pool has come to the end of its life.

I agree with her that replacing Carss Park Pool with a car park would be totally irresponsible and inappropriate.

Carss Park has been a people’s park since it was confirmed as a 50 acre (20.2 hectares) public parkland on 26 January 1924 which was achieved as a result of the local community forced into action after the rumours circulated that it was likely the Carss estate would be sold to developers.

Here is the excerpt from

Resident action saves Carss estate:

‘‘Rumours circulated that it was likely the Carss estate would be sold to developers. The thought of this happening galvanised the local member of state parliament, Thomas Ley, to make representations to the state government for it to be purchased as a public park. The local community, advised that the government could not provide funds, were forced into action. Spurred on by Harald Coxhead, who later became the park’s first resident ranger, the Blakehurst Progress Association was formed in April 1921. They too approached the state government, but were unsuccessful, so they approached Kogarah Municipal Council.Despite council passing resolutions to look into the matter, most of 1922 passed without progress. The association’s next move was to support candidates in the municipal elections in December 1922. Three candidates in support of the cause were successful at these elections, and with the support of other aldermen set about achieving their goal of purchasing the Carss Bush Estate.’’

I also agree with the Draft Strategy Report that is currently on public exhibition to allow the residents “Have Their Say” until March 1, that states on page 168 that “three aquatic facilities should be provided to meet the needs of the Georges River Community”.

Hurstville Aquatic Centre, being a 25m indoor facility, has been operating above capacity and all the schools in the council area have been relying on other council’s 50m pools for many years.

Georges River Community needs a new aquatic facility that complies with modern standards. Accordingly, the council should immediately resolve to rebuild Carss Park Pool to meet the needs of the community.

The previous model of 50m outdoor seasonal pools now belong to the past and the new model which has been successful in many suburbs such as Bexley Pool (Angelo Anestis), Lidcombe Pool (Ruth Everuss) must be used when rebuilding Carss Park Pool.

It’s now the right time for Georges River Council to take the initiative to replace Carss Park Pool with a new aquatic facility that is going to last at least another 50 years.

The community must be provided with a 50-metre outdoor pool and a 25-metre indoor pool and a program pool and a pool that is suitable for water polo events which is an important Olympic sporting event. A new aquatic facility must also provide a gym, creche and a café at Carss Park at the current location, because that is what the community deserves.

Once the new aquatic centre is built, the residents will flock to it like they have done at Bexley pool. 

It is now time for Georges River Council to put the developer contributions to excellent use.

Ilknur Bayari, Hurstville

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Kathryn Skelsey