Call for separation barriers on Heathcote Road

Fatal stretch: There has been a renewed call for barriers on Heathcote Road following two fatalities last month. Picture: John Veage
Fatal stretch: There has been a renewed call for barriers on Heathcote Road following two fatalities last month. Picture: John Veage

Re the article ‘‘Call for barriers: Further investigations follow Heathcote Road tragedy’’ (Leader February 6).

Many, many years ago it  took quite a few deaths and finally the death of a retired couple to have the roadway on Captain Cook Bridge separated.

I would ask the RMS and our local members "is there a required number of deaths before separation barriers are installed on Heathcote Road or any other roadway and who takes responsibility for those deaths beforehand?"

Joseph Mifsud, Caringbah

Heathcote Road has been a death trap for decades now. Enough is enough! And while they are so called “investigating” more people will die. And how about lighting it up at night.  This is the 21st Century isn’t it?

Ross Conwell 

Just do it. Put up barriers now.

Fiona Brooks 

About bloody time! How many more people need to die on that road before one is built?

Peter Tzavaras 

If only Heathcote Road was a football stadium.

Greg Last 

Lowering the speed limit will make this road more dangerous. Fatigue is the main reason why cars end up crossing into the oncoming traffic lane, lower speeds will increase fatigue. Just install a barrier. Speed isn’t the problem on this road.

Sandy Sirol 

Speed is not the issue here - people have died on other stretches of this road where the speed limit is 70km/h and just around the corner on Old Illawarra Rd where the limit is 80km/h. It is a long straight road and the ’dangerous’ bends and bridges you’re talking about already have reduced speed limits!

Mel Jane 

So what is going to be done about the stretch of road between The Avenue at Voyager Point and New Illawarra Road? 

I do not believe that reviewing the speed limits is going to achieve anything if that is the only change implemented. It will not stop the people ignoring the speed limits or overtaking dangerously. 

This road needs to be 2 lanes for the entire length of it and the barriers need to be installed. 

Unless you have any plans to have the new speed limit permanently policed, the change in speed limit will do nothing. 

I am also not suggesting a permanent speed camera will do anything as people just remember where they are and slow down while they are going past it and this will not achieve anything.

Merryn Dick 

Strong recommendation needs to be put to the RMS by parliament. At the end of the day the RMS doesn’t run the state. If their proposed fix won’t cut it they need to be told - people are still going to die in head on crashes with lower speed limits on this road unless it’s divided in some way.

Geoff Harmey 

The vision of the car inexplicably crossing into the oncoming traffic ( is horrifying to say the least.

Tragedies similar to this will never be eradicated but Heathcote Road has a number of glaring shortcomings that must be addressed as the advent of the intermodal facility at Moorebank and the subsequent increase in the number of heavy vehicles draws nearer. 

In essence every hill must have three lanes (two up, one down) and every bend must have a barrier between the opposing traffic lanes. 

Widening the Woronora Bridge has been touted for decades and must finally take place.

But don’t hold your breath!

The shire doesn’t often have money thrown in its’ direction, possibly because one side doesn’t think they will win an election and the other side doesn’t think they will lose. 

A measure of how urgent the improvement to traffic on Heathcote Road is to the authorities is the snail-like pace that is taking place at the entry/exit points at the Princes Highway and Illawarra Road!

They have both been under construction for a year at least. How frustrating it must be for the daily commuters, but road rage often boiled over during the Christmas holiday break when the lines of traffic extended well west of, and well into, Illawarra Road, with holiday makers and day-trippers trying to head down the coast. It was bedlam.

Ian Bryant

Instead of knocking down the football stadium and building a new one, why don’t you use the funds to fix this road so people don’t keep dying!

Stephen Coghlan