Photos | Constable Timothy Proctor remembered as an outstanding officer who always saw 'the brighter side of life'

A funeral service was held in Liverpool today for Constable Timothy Proctor who died in hospital after a crash on Heathcote Road on January 31 caused by a vehicle crossing the road and hitting his car head-on.

The service at All Saints Catholic Church was followed by a procession that included motorcycles, mounted police, uniformed marching contingent, banner party, bearer party and marching band.

Constable Proctor was posthumously awarded two police medals, while being remembered as an outstanding officer who always saw "the brighter side of life".

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller and fellow officers joined Constable Proctor's family to farewell the "caring and inquisitive" officer, just nine months after his graduation at the NSW Police Force Academy.

After an official march of the NSW Police Force banner, mourners entered the church to a cover version of The Proclaimers' I'm Gonna Be (500 miles), performed by Alana Patmore.

In the church they carried service booklets adorned with snapshots from the officer's life, from his days as a toddler dressed in a Santa Claus outfit, to his first day wearing the emblem of the NSW Police, to his wedding day in the arms of his wife Dianne.

Constable Proctor, 29, worked in the Liverpool region, his first posting after deciding to join the police after time spent as volunteer firefighter.

"Tim was hard working and was well on the way to becoming an outstanding police officer," said Commissioner Fuller in his funeral address.

"He was the 'what if' guy in the class, and his supervisors had a tough time keeping up with the questions he asked ... His enthusiasm was second to none and the only thing greater than his love for his job was his love for his family."

Commissioner Fuller commended Constable Proctor for his "ethical and diligent service in protecting the community," awarding him with the National Police Service Medal, a medal normally awarded after 15 years of service.

Constable Proctor was also awarded the NSW Police Medal.