Deeban Spit access should not be denied

Popular with watercraft: Deeban Spit in the Hacking River
Popular with watercraft: Deeban Spit in the Hacking River

RE the article ‘‘Deeban Spit review move: Debate rages over proposed boating ban’’ (Leader, February 13).

I don’t often give the mayor a wrap - but in this case he’s applied some common sense. For regular users of the Hacking I reckon it’s looking good in terms of fish stocks which is a pretty good barometer on the health of the river.

Trent Glover 

I have for over 30 years played on Deeban Spit and now with my kids. Please do not restrict us from playing there, please don’t let this happen Carmelo Pesce. 

Barry Collier I think you need to retire your views are old fashioned and you’re not representing the majority of the community - go and visit the site.

Trevor Monk 

High five Carmelo, I agree with you on this one. Has Tassie from The Shire Environment Centre ever been to Maianbar?

The only birds you’ll see at the beach are seagulls and no “marine grasses” near the point either. Protect the river and further in but leave the beach to the locals. We’ll look after it.

Rebecca Jackson 

Well done Carmelo Pesce, don’t let the Greenies and fun police ruin the availability of this area for boaties to enjoy themselves. The shorebirds are migratory and will be fox food anyways.

Brett Cripps 

The mayor is 100 per cent right and good on him. 

Ben Herden 

Looking to restrict people continuing to enjoy this area is ridiculous.

It is a part of boating on the Hacking River to drop in here, and I very much doubt that after over 50 years of use that there are many birds, grasses and fishes that have not adapted to the situation.

Jonathan Wright