18 townhouses proposed for two blocks in quiet little corner of Jannali

Residents in a quiet little corner of Jannali are fighting to stop what they say is a "totally inappropriate" townhouse development.

Eighteen two and three-bedroom townhouses, with basement parking for 37 cars, are proposed on two blocks, with one vehicle access point from Stansell Avenue, a narrow cul-de-sac.

The 4130 square metre site is not close to shops or a transport hub, where higher density might be expected, but in a R2 low density housing zone 12-13 minutes' walk up a very steep hill to Jannali train station.

More than 80 objections were lodged when the development application (DA) for 12 Stansell Avenue and 28A Wattle Road was lodged last year.

One resident wrote, "Please save Jannali from becoming another over developed suburb with little regard for the additional services and infrastructure that these additional dwellings would require."

Another submission read: "It's bad enough that we have the eyesore of the brick pit at Kirrawee...let's keep our Jannali a beautiful sleepy little suburb."

Residents of Stansell Avenue and adjoining Dianthus Place commissioned a 50-page professional planning report on the DA.

They say the report exposes a large number of non-compliance issues and unjustifiable impacts on neighbours.

Following the strong protests, the developer moved on the grounds of "deemed refusal" of the DA to bypass Sutherland Shire Council and the local planning panel and head directly to the Land and Environment Court.  

A court hearing is scheduled for March 4.

"If this development proceeds, the number of dwellings in Stansell Avenue will increase from 14 to 31, or 125 per cent," said resident Adam O'Farrell.

"Stansell Avenue is a through road for Dianthus Place, another cul-de-sac and there are already traffic issues because there are about 10 houses in that street."