Profile of candidates in Holsworthy electorate

The candidates, in the order their names will appear on the ballot paper:

  • Gae Constable, Animal Justice Party
  • Charishma Kaliyanda, Labor
  • Melanie Gibbons, Liberal
  • Christopher Kerle, The Greens
  • Michael Byrne, Pauline Hanson's One Nation
  • Roland Barber, Liberal Democrats

The following profiles were supplied by the candidates:

Charishma Kaliyanda. Picture: supplied

Charishma Kaliyanda. Picture: supplied

Charishma Kaliyanda, Labor

Charishma Kaliyanda was raised in the Liverpool area after migrating to the area with her family as a young girl.

She is a registered Occupational Therapist and currently works for headspace – the national youth mental foundation, to build awareness of and reduce stigma around mental health and well-being so that young people can access the help they need in the community. Charishma has worked with young people across many industries to build skills and capacities in the last 10 years.

Her experience in the health system has highlighted the need for health services to be appropriately staffed and resourced. This is a key priority for people in the Holsworthy electorate who have experienced a blow out in emergency and elective surgery waiting times.

Another key concern for residents in Holsworthy is overdevelopment and the failure of local infrastructure and services to meet the growing needs of the area. Local communities have been sidelined in the last 4 years with decisions about development approvals being removed from elected councils and residents increasingly feeling ‘out of the loop’ with what is happening in their neighbourhoods.

As a result, people feel like we are losing our open and green space. We need to do better when it comes to preserving and protecting our natural environment.

Cost of living is also playing on people’s minds in Holsworthy. Power bills have risen by 60% in the last 4 years and residents are facing the prospect of paying more in tolls and paying to park and commute to work.

Charishma believes a local MP must be transparent, accountable and approachable in the community.

Charishma is serving her first term on Liverpool Council after being elected in September 2016.

Melanie Gibbons. Picture: supplied

Melanie Gibbons. Picture: supplied

Melanie Gibbons, Liberal

Melanie entered Parliament in 2011 as the Member for Menai and then again in 2015 as the Member for Holsworthy, after a redistribution of seats occurred.

During her eight years in Parliament, Melanie has successfully delivered for the local area including helping to secure funding to upgrade Sutherland Hospital, building additional car parking spaces at Sutherland Station, starting the $173 Million upgrade of Heathcote Road, providing two new RFS Stations at Barden Ridge and Sandy Point, opening additional lanes on Alfords Point Road and constructing a safer bridge over Deadmans Creek.

Melanie currently serves as the Deputy Government Whip, Chair of the Children and Young People Committee, Member of the Legislative Review Committee and also as a Member of the Standing Orders and Procedure Committee.

Prior to politics, Melanie worked for the disability charity, TADNSW as Fundraising Manager and considers the sector to be one close to her heart. Her knowledge and experience working for a not-for-profit has given her a real understanding and motivation to improve services and options for vulnerable people.

As a mother of two young daughters, Melanie is also very interested in and passionate about issues that affect families, children and young people across NSW.