Pooches rescued and lost handbags returned

Jack's on the mend

Through the Leader we’d like to thank the people who on the evening of February 25 found our dog Jack injured by the M5 at Riverwood and took him to Sylvania Veterinary Hospital. 

We hope you’ll be happy to know that Jack’s injuries weren’t serious and he was able to return home to us that night and is recovering well. 

Jack has been a huge part of our lives for the past 13 years and we’d be lost without him.

Garret Jackson, Julieanne Rae-Jackson, Daniel Rae-Jackson, Alison Rae, Jennifer Rae and Charlie

Garret Jackson, Peakhurst 

Bella and Co Co rescued

When I arrived home on Wednesday, February 27, Bella [miniature poodle] and Co Co [toy poodle] were nowhere to be found.

As our family has looked after these two beautiful dogs because their owner moved into Cronulla units and sadly she isn’t permitted to have pets.

Can you imagine how ‘‘over the moon’’ I was to hear from the owner the dogs had been taken to Kirrawee Veterinary Clinic by some very thoughtful person.

No one had left a name so if this is published it allows that very kind person to know how much the good deed was appreciated. 

Tony, Sutherland

Lost bag returned

On Saturday, February 23 I left my handbag on a Coles trolley in the parking area at Southgate shopping centre. 

I didn’t realise until I got home and my husband and son went back to look for it, but unfortunately it wasn’t there. I thought that being on a Coles trolley maybe someone might have returned it to Coles so I rang them and sure enough it had been handed in. When I went for it not a cent was missing.

I would like to thank the honest person who handed it in.  I hope you realise what a great thing you did. Many, many thanks go to you.

Jean Carmichael, Kirrawee

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