Michael Daley promises $26M upgrade of Engadine station and to review 2015 Illawarra Line timetable

The Labor Party has promised a $26 million upgrade of Engadine train station if it wins the state election.

Labor Leader Michael Daley also said a Labor government would review the 2015 train timetable, which cut services between Sutherland and Waterfall and removed express peak hour trains from Kogarah.

Mr Daley made the announcement at Engadine station with the party's candidate for Heathcote, Maryanne Stuart.

Mr Daley said a Labor government would:

  • Upgrade stairs, including building a new pedestrian footbridge to replace the ageing one.
  • Add an additional lift and upgrade existing lifts.
  • Upgrade footpaths and amenities like the toilets.

Mr Daley said the Engadine station upgrade built on Labor’s wider commitment of $3 billion to improve the Sydney’s existing heavy rail networking, with a focus on southern Sydney and the Illawarra, and Labor’s comprehensive plan for public transport across the state, including:

  • Reviewing unfair train timetables, including on the Illawarra line to address the problems caused by services cut by the Liberals in 2015.
  • Providing free public transport for local school aged children, every day.
  • Refunding your fare if your train is delayed by more than 30 minutes.

"With the Liberals’ overdevelopment agenda in full swing across Heathcote and a community crying out for infrastructure and services, today’s announcement will give commuters confidence that Labor and Maryanne have been listening," he said.

Ms Stuart said, if elected, she would work "to fix the mess caused by the Liberals’ cuts to 15 minute services back in 2015".

"[Liberal MP] Lee Evans has not delivered any additional services when the timetable was reviewed last year. We are fed up with being ignored and left behind,” she said.

Mr Daley said, under Labor’s plan for southern Sydney and the Illawarra, an expert panel would examine and prioritise  projects including:

  • Curve straightening along Waterfall to Sutherland.
  • Erskineville Crossovers to increases the number of services along the route.
  • Investigation of the feasibility of the Thirroul-Waterfall tunnel using more contemporary tunneling equipment.
  • Removal of problematic level crossings along the corridor.
  • Assess the future of the Stanwell Park viaduct.
  • Completing the Maldon Dumbarton Freight line to take Freight services off the passenger line, allowing for more passenger services.