Craig Kelly divides opinion

Voicing his views: Craig Kelly the Federal MP for Hughes.
Voicing his views: Craig Kelly the Federal MP for Hughes.

Re the article "It just causes more pain: Johns lashes Kelly's support of Pell" (Leader, March 6).

Mr Johns sought to steal the seat of Hughes from the sitting member Mr Kelly using his position in the halls of Liberal Party power.

Let us hope those powers remember the ALP being swept from power in 2013 under Tony Abbott’s leadership gaining 18 seats from the ALP.

Mr Johns was the Liberal candidate for the seat of Werriwa in that election. Mr. Abbott achieved an overall swing of 1.93 per cent, Mr Kelly 5.53% in Hughes and Mr Johns just 0.95% in Werriwa.

Kelly’s swing was 3 times the national swing and five times Mr Johns’s dismal result.

Now of course Mr Johns is outraged by Mr Kelly’s concerns that there may have been a miscarriage of justice.

So it would appear to be Mr Johns’s position that an elected representative of the people should not speak up if a miscarriage of justice is feared?

So it would appear to be Mr Johns’s position that if hanging were still in vogue a man should swing rather than a Parliamentarian speak up? And that his purported concern for the feelings of "victims of abuse reliving their trauma" outweighs the man swinging?

What a cheap and opportunistic way to denigrate a member of the Liberal Party Mr Johns claims to serve.

It will be test of Scott Morrison’s credibility to see that such divisive conduct by self-interested party officials is not tolerated.

Peter Wedd, Grays Point

All Australians have the right to voice their view, this includes members of Government it is not up to Kent Johns to decide who can make a statement and who can not. Mr Johns has never been slow to voice his view just so long as it gets his name in the media.

Jeanette Brackstone, Bangor

Craig Kelly is an embarrassment to the Liberal Party and to all residents of the Federal electorate of Hughes.

Not only has he contradicted experts on climate science and economics, but he has insulted those who educate children on these realities. And now he insults judge and jury who produced the verdict against George Pell.

Has he no respect for the community he supposedly serves?

Bruce Hanna, Engadine

Climate change and how best to combat it is the most important issue facing the world this century.

What does our local federal representative, Craig Kelly, say about it? He quotes Dorothea Mackeller’s poem speaking "Of droughts and flooding rains" as proof that there is no such thing. The mind boggles.

We can influence change and one change that is needed is who represents us in federal parliament.

Ian Taylor, Heathcote

Craig Kelly accuses adults who support the right of children to speak up about the threat of climate change on their future as ‘‘child abusers’’.

Does he not remember the Royal Commission that proved adults had ignored, for decades, the cries of children who claimed to have been abused?

Let us not again ignore the cries of children who fear for their future in a climate threatened world.

Any MP who misrepresents climate science for personal political gain while ignoring the risks to our childrens’ future deserves to be condemned.

Gregory Walker, Bundeena

I’m writing to express my bewilderment at Craig Kelly’s politics. My representative supports coal, convicted child molesters and big business over what he calls the real abusers, being people who care about their environment.

My question is, can’t the Liberal party find someone who cares about mainstream voters? Do we have to endure this man and his views yet again!?

Ray Van Den Anker, Grays Point