Regina Coeli Catholic Primary School Beverly Hills tackles Mathematical Expertise and Excellence program

Making numbers fun is the latest venture at Regina Coeli Catholic Primary School Beverley Hills, which has launched into a maths program with numerical enthusiasm.

The school is one year into the problem-solving skills project called Mathematical Expertise and Excellence (ME&E), for children in Kindergarten, year 4 and 6. Year 1 joined the program in 2019.

It is an idea that aims to boost a teacher's training in building core maths concepts. 

Principal Chris Egan says it is all about increasing understanding, confidence and a love of mathematics.

"To achieve this, our teachers need to have expertise in teaching mathematics with the ability to establish solid conceptual foundations for students," he said.

“These are the building blocks of maths that high schools can leverage if and when students chose to study higher levels of the subject later in their school careers.”