Kingsgrove will be able to look itself in the eye after $500,000 facelift

East meets west: An artist impression of how Kingsgrove Road will look after the upgrade.
East meets west: An artist impression of how Kingsgrove Road will look after the upgrade.

Kingsgrove will no longer look like a suburb divided.

Bayside Council has decided to spend $500,000 to upgrade its side of Kingsgrove Road in the town centre to match works undertaken by Georges River Council across the road.

The town centre is situated on the local government boundaries of Bayside and Georges River Councils.

The west side of Kingsgrove Road is located within Georges River Council and a public domain upgrade was recently undertaken on the Georges River side of the road.

The east side of Kingsgrove Road is located within Bayside Council and no upgrade works have been undertaken.

Bayside Council has now decided it's time that both sides of Kingsgrove Road can look each other in the eye.

The upgrade of the east side of town centre was included in Bayside Council's 2018/2019 City Projects Program for embellishment due to its importance as a growing neighbourhood centre and to match the upgrades on the other side of Kingsgrove Road.

The proposed improvements and public domain have been designed to match the treatments used on the western side of the town centre in the upgrades undertaken by Georges River Council.

Improvements will include new decorative footpath paving on Kingsgrove Road which will replicate the paving treatment installed on the opposite side of Kingsgrove Road, additional tree planting and landscaping and new seating.

The area to by upgraded will by Shaw Street along Kingsgrove Road and part of The Avenue.

The council also decided to add Brocklehurst Lane to the original upgrade proposed works.

Works are expected to start after Easter.

Jackie Kremer, owner of Jackie's Floral Gallery on the corner of Kingsgrove Road and the Avenue welcomed the news of the upgrade.

"It's a necessary thing. I'm going on to my seventh year in Kingsgrove and nothing has been done here," she said.

"Across the road they get Christmas decorations. We don't get anything here. It's a bit sad.

"Kingsgrove has been a neglected area. It will be good to match the other side of the road.

"It would be nice to have more seating and more green planting," she said.

Syliva Damaso, owner of @thecafe at 296a Kingsgrove Road also welcomed the upgrade of the shopping strip.

"It needs it," she said. "It looks a bit daggy.

"It will attract more customers. We have our regulars but if the area is more attractive, more people will come.

"There's also a lot of empty shops so it would be nice to bring more people into the area."