Bring your electricity bill down overnight

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Electricity prices have sharply increased in recent years and the pressure is on Aussie householders to bring their bills back down.

There are a number of ways to reduce energy costs around the home without compromising your lifestyle.

One of the simplest and cheapest ways is to upgrade your whole home to LED downlights.

If you are still using outdated and inefficient halogen downlights you would be well aware how much extra you are paying for these lights.

Halogen downlights use up to 88 per cent more Electricity than LED downlights.

The NSW government is encouraging residents to make the switch to LED and are rewarding positive change by providing subsidised replacements.

Take advantage of the state government incentives offering unlimited LED upgrades for your entire home and effectively slash your electricity costs overnight.

Whether you have 10 downlights or as many as 200 downlights, you can switch to LED for as little as $49 for your entire home.

There are other options including GU10 LED's which do not require transformers or premium Luminaires LED's with a large diffuser and brighter light also available at heavily subsides prices.

What you can hope to save

On average a halogen downlight costs $35.13 per year to run while a LED costs just $4.21 giving you an 88 per cent saving.

Put simply, if you have 25 downlights converted to LED you can potentially save over $773 a year on your electricity bill by this one change.

Adding to their appeal LED lights have a 16-year lifespan compared to just a few years for Halogen and they emit a warm white light.

To take advantage of this great deal you need to have at least 10 existing halogen downlights to be eligible.

Who to call

Accredited Power Saver is Australia's largest home LED installer having already placed one million globes in over 65,000 homes.

Their team of professional fully qualified electricians are supported by an Australian based call centre.

Call to check if your home is eligible for free LED replacements, on 1300 066 345.

This is advertiser content for Accredited Power Saver.