New art exhibition alters perceptions

 Destruction of Nature: Digital artwork by Amely Koenig.
Destruction of Nature: Digital artwork by Amely Koenig.

A group of 12 university graduates, students and creatives will showcase 30 works in a new exhibition called ALTERED at Hazelhurst Arts Centre on April 20.

Some of the works in the exhibition examine femininity, masculinity, bisexuality, mental health, how people survive harsh conditions and the conflict between nature and the built environment, all issues which young people are concerned about.

ALTERED is an art exhibition by Hazelhurst Ambassadors, a volunteer program providing young artists from 18-27 years with the opportunity to share their skills and knowledge with the local community and gain experiences in the running of art events.

Rachel Macpherson, 23, a Hazelhurst Ambassador whose work Let's Talk About Mental Health is part of the exhibition, said Hazelhurst is a supportive community and allows young artists to exhibit their work in a prestigious regional gallery.

''I hope people will come along, meet the emerging artists and learn about the Ambassador program,'' Macpherson said.

''ALTERED is about the issues that matter to young people today because sometimes a small alteration can make all the difference.''

The exhibition explores "How do you cope with change?". "What are the impacts of life altering events?". It also looks at the familiar with a new perspective.

The exhibition includes a dynamic collection of paintings, drawings, video, photography and sculpture.

  • ALTERED is on from April 20 to 30 at Hazelhurst Arts Centre, 782 Kingsway, Gymea. Open daily from 10am to 5pm.