No conflict with dog owners

Re the article ''Setback for dogs on Silver Beach '' (Leader, April 3).

As regular visitor to Silver Beach both mid week and on weekends for many years I have yet to witness any conflict between dog owners and others. It would be interesting to see the reported figures of these incidents.

Increased activity, vehicle congestion, that's what you get when people go to the beach, do breakfast and picnic.

I see the majority of people cleaning up after their animals. Some don't.

I don't see people trampling dune vegetation etc, I see them using the walk ways from the street to the beaches.

The article says council staff have come to these findings. If these issues are so problematic and effecting so many, then perhaps it's time to have a expert/ independent survey/study of these issues.

If these animals and their humans are doing so much damage and causing so much trouble then maybe it's high time to halt all further development in Kurnell and surrounding areas.

B Young, Caringbah