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Parishioners are shocked

RE the article "Church move stuns parishioners " (Leader, April 3). The Catholic Archdiocese will surely have strong reasons for the action on Fr Knight. As a priest one must live like Jesus did. No wrongs go unnoticed and every action has a reaction (to be punished). Parishioners are shocked but relieved as he was a difficult person to get along with and one can pray for his short comings. God bless him through the investigation as we have no right to judge.

Anne Fonseca, Gymea

Why all the roadworks?

Could someone please shine the light on why there is so much roadworks on Wilson Parade and the beginning of Heathcote Road and the Princes Highway at Heathcote? Am I cynical in thinking that all of these roadworks are in preparation for the major development coming up at Heathcote Hall to handle the major increase in traffic?

Ross Clarke, Heathcote East

Shared zones

The 10km/h speed limit in shared zones is too low. It should be increased to 20km/h and then enforced strictly. In Engadine it takes nearly 40 seconds to cover the 110m strip at 10km/h. Enforce a speed limit that people can respect.

Bruce Hanna, Engadine

Mark is 'all ours'

Re the article ''Coure Misses out on State Cabinet Role'' (Leader, April 3). Perhaps our Premier knew what we all know - Mark Coure is kept very busy involving himself with the many and varied aspects of life in his electorate. Mark not only door knocks at election time but at regular intervals during the year. My pen trembled as this old Labor voter put a "1" beside his name - but I managed it as I voted "1" for Mark who happens to be a Liberal. I always vote for the person I consider the best candidate, and Mark was the best as the increase in his margin confirms. Sorry you missed out Mark but at the same time it is good to know you are all ours.

Elaine Cameron, Peakhurst

Waiting on Croydon Rd

Re the article "No longer divided: Bayside to spend $500,000 on Kingsgrove centre upgrade'' (Leader, April 3). The same goes for Croydon Road at Hurstville which needs upgrading. When is Bayside Council going to upgrade its side of Croydon Road because Georges River Council have resurfaced its side of the road several times? We on the Bayside side are still waiting...

B.Bourtzos, Bexley

Dimment Way suffering

I have been a patron of 888 Haircut on Dimment Way for many years who offer a men's haircut at a bargain price of just $7. I was saddened to see this business and other business along Dimment Way suffering immensely economically due to the loss of pedestrian through traffic due to the Dimment Way redevelopment. The redevelopment is a positive for Hurstville but how about giving businesses based along there a fair go through effective project planning to enable through pedestrian traffic past the shopfronts.

Richard Scutt, Mortdale

Schools urged to follow

RE the article "Healthy canteen overhaul" (Leader, April 3). So refreshing to see. Hopefully more schools can take the lead also!

Gail Paps

Cash is still king

Today I was not permitted to use cash to top up my Bayside Council Library card in order to photocopy. The council is forcing library users to use a credit or EFTPOS card and is using its position to nudge us further to change towards a cashless society. Well, I say no as do many boomers and older generations. Forcing cashless transactions on us is not in our interests. We all know that cash in our wallet the fruit of our labour never crashes, leaves us empowered and in control and maintains the privacy of how we spend. This decision without consultation by Bayside Council is pushing the blue pill of happiness called "convenience". Cash was not inconvenient 20 years ago.

Joanne Jones