RMS makes further parking changes in Caringbah shopping strip following No Stopping move

A drop-off and pick-up area will be provided outside Caringbah train station as efforts continue to try and compensate for turning the eastern side of Kingsway into a No Stopping zone.

However, the drop-off and pick-up zone will be only one car space long.

There is already a bus stop outside the station.

A Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) officer advised Sutherland Shire Council's traffic committee of the intended change.

"RMS will convert one space of the existing 'No Stopping' on the north-eastern side of Kingsway, outside the entrance to Caringbah train station, to a 'No Parking' zone, to provide a drop-off/pick-up area," the committee reported.

In another decision, RMS will convert the existing 'No Parking' zone on the south-western side of Kingsway, opposite the entrance to the station, to a Taxi Zone.

RMS advised it had rejected requests to reinstate the system, which allowed taxis, as well as buses, to turn right from Hay Street, next to the post office, into Kingsway.

Buses will still be allowed to make the right turn.