Baby alpaca born at Symbio Wildlife Park - watch the video of her first steps

The baby alpaca at Symbio Wildlife Park.
The baby alpaca at Symbio Wildlife Park.

Symbio Wildlife Park were lucky enough to bare witness to one of natures little miracles on Sunday, when an alpaca gave birth to an adorable little baby girl named Blossom.

Weighing in at nine kilograms, with a chocolate brown coat and gorgeous brown eyes, every onlooker gushed with the precious bundle of Easter joy.

The cutest moment of all came when Blossom decided to take her first, awkward and somewhat clumsy, steps.

With encouragement and support from her doting family who live in the Farmyard at Symbio Wildlife Park, Blossom was able to get up on all fours and stumble around, with every step becoming more and more confident and getting more familiar with her new surroundings.

One comment on the Symbio Facebook Page said; 'So adorable [💗] Looks like some young girls wearing their first pair of high heels'.