Scott Morrison lashes critics of his worship on Easter Sunday at Horizon Church Sutherland

Scott Morrison has hit out at critics who mocked him online over the manner in which he worshipped at an Easter Sunday service at Horizon Church at Sutherland.

The Prime Minister said likening his raised arm, as he joined exuberantly in the opening song celebrating Christ's resurrection, to a Nazi salute was "disgusting".

He blasted "grubs" and "gutless keyboard warriors" behind social media comments.

Mr Morrison invited the media into the service at his Pentecostal church .

He was accompanied by his wife Jenny and their daughters Lily and Abbey.

Speaking on Monday outside a Buddhist temple in Victoria, Mr Morrison said one group "was likening my praise in my own church on the weekend to some sort of Hitler salute".

"I mean, it's disgusting," he said.

"Australians are bigger than that. And I know that the great majority of Australians are bigger than that. These grubs are gutless and keyboard warriors in their mother's basement trying to make heroes of themselves."

Mr Morrison and his family were among about 1000 worshippers at the Horizon Church service.

Church elders greeted them with hugs, compliments and wishes of "Happy Easter! Happy Resurrection Sunday".

Inside, three rows from the front and with wife Jenny by his side, the prime minister sang and clapped to the opening number celebrating a glorious day.

Later, Mr Morrison told the media, "This has been a bedrock of our family every since we moved here".

"They've been a tremendous support to us ... and are an important part of our lives."

Asked what Easter meant to him, Mr Morrison said, "Today is a reminder of the great hope and the reason for that hope is the reason we celebrate today".

"It's a very special time for me and my family but I know for people around the country and frankly all around the world."

Labor leader Bill Shorten also attended church on Easter Sunday.

Mr Shorten and his wife Chloe and their three children Georgette, Rupert and Clementine joined about 100 other worshipers for mass at St Andrew's in Indooroopilly, Brisbane.

In an Easter message released before the service, Mr Shorten said, "For many, Easter is a time that carries deep meaning. It is a time for worship, for reflection, and a special opportunity for families to come together."

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