The Good Place, Miranda

A menu with "Sunday" chicken roast available every day and 12-hour slow-cooked lamb with spuds and Cafe de Paris butter doesn't exactly sound like a pin-up for the new healthy eating movement.

But fitness fanatic turned My Kitchen Rules contestant Scott Gooding argues healthy comes in different forms, which he intends to illustrate at the Good Place, a completely gluten-free venue which has swung open its doors in Miranda.

"We aren't just using superfoods and tricking things up. We're using real food," Gooding says.

Scott Gooding

Scott Gooding

"I want to know the farmer, where everything comes from."

After successfully segueing from MKR into penning a number of books, why has he decided to plunge into food venues at this stage of his career?

"Mum and Dad ran pubs in and around London. It put me off, to be honest," he says.

"I went off on a fitness and health path but it's come around to creating a healthy restaurant, although I don't want to ram that down people's throats."

If you look on the menu at the Good Place, there's plenty of good.

You'll find green pea fritters with coconut and mint yoghurt, a vegan curry, and bruschetta served on pumpkin bread, while on the drinks list, there's a hibiscus negroni. Even the "spiders" are made with kombucha and dairy-free ice-cream.

Gooding argues the concept is a ground-breaking one for a budding chain franchise model.

Indeed, the confidence in the Good Place model is so high, a number of them are opening later in the year, Blacktown and Central Park in Chippendale included.

Speaking from the Middle East, where he is presenting at a writer's conference, Gooding is learning the hard way about deadlines.

"I didn't plan to miss it, but the opening [of the Good Place] got pushed back."