Cook electorate candidates - their backgrounds and what they stand for

The Cook electorate stretches from Sutherland Shire across the Georges River to the southern suburbs of St George. Picture: AEC

The Cook electorate stretches from Sutherland Shire across the Georges River to the southern suburbs of St George. Picture: AEC

The candidates in Cook electorate, in ballot paper order are:

  • Scott Morrison, Liberal
  • Peter Kelly, Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party
  • Simon O'Brien, Labor
  • Gaye Cameron, Pauline Hanson's One Nation
  • Jon Doig, The Greens
  • Roger Bolling, Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)
  • John McSweyn, United Australia Party

The following profiles were supplied by the candidates:

Scott Morrison, Liberal

Scott Morrison. Picture: supplied

Scott Morrison. Picture: supplied

Over ten years ago when I first became your local Member for Parliament, I said that this is the best place in the country to live and raise a family, and that's still true today. As your Member for Cook I am going to make sure we keep it that way.

My government's plan for a stronger economy means we can pledge to create 1.25 million new jobs over the next five years, maintain budget surpluses and pay down Labor's debt, deliver tax relief for families and small businesses, guarantee investment in essential services like our schools and hospitals, and keep Australians safe.

Our community in southern Sydney has strong values, we're committed to family, committed to the community. Whether it's our local surf clubs, our sports clubs, our charities, it's all about giving back and being able to stand on your own two feet. It's about helping others less fortunate than yourself and being there for your neighbour.

The last three years locally, I have worked with the NSW State Government to secure $50 million for the Kamay Botany Bay National Park Masterplan in Kurnell. This funding will upgrade the visitor centre, BBQ areas and install a new Captain Cook monument.

I've also delivered nearly $6 million in funding to redevelop the heritage listed North Cronulla and Cronulla Surf Life Saving Clubs, raised more than $1 million for 70 community groups through the Cook Community Classic, and delivered $650,000 worth of grants for community facility upgrades for groups such as the Sans Souci Football Club and Sutherland Shire Netball Association.

As your local Member, my focus is on building on what we have achieved together over more than a decade.

As your Member for Parliament I will ensure we keep investing in infrastructure, keep investing in the services to make sure our community where we live, work and play remains one of the best parts of the country to live in.

Peter Kelly, Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party

Peter Kelly. Picture: supplied

Peter Kelly. Picture: supplied

Peter Kelly is an Australian-born politician who is running in the Division of Cook to provide residents with the avenue to preserve their right to free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly, among other things.

Peter's parents both served this country in World War 2. He is the eighth of nine children - most of whom served, married a serviceperson or both.

During his own military service, which encompassed both Infantry and Intelligence Corps, Peter began a series of tertiary courses at undergraduate level and up to post-graduate level. He has continued those studies and is a current student of law at a Sydney university.

After his military service, Peter has been involved in private enterprise in a series of pursuits. He's sat on both private and public boards in Australia and offshore. His commercial interests have taken him around the world - much the same as his military service did. Peter is a qualified interpreter/translator of Chinese, plus he speaks Russian, Tagalog and a smattering of other languages.

More recently, Peter has worked as an adviser to a Federal MP and he is an elected local government councilor, so he has the experience to perform in parliament. Having said that - and keeping in mind his aspirations for election - Peter is a realist. He knows the ins and outs of politics; who to engage, how and why. As a conservative and patriot at heart he is conscious of the type of country he is leaving for our children and their children.

Peter operates on an "open door policy" and is willing to discuss his politics with anyone.

Simon O'Brien, Labor

Simon O'Brien. Picture: supplied

Simon O'Brien. Picture: supplied

A Shire resident for 42 years, Simon is operations manager at Woolooware Golf Club. Simon has been owner of small businesses in Brighton-Le-Sands and Sydney CBD, taught TAFE part time, and he continues to write and perform music. He is a father of three and resides in Caringbah.

His motivation for standing at the federal election was a concern over the financial priorities of the current government. As someone who has relied on penalty rates to support his family, Simon believes those on lower incomes have been neglected.

The watering down of the Gonski education reforms and the de-funding of TAFE are also other issues behind the decision to run. Simon believes an orderly transition to renewable energy is a priority and would like to see a Federal ICAC in light of some recent government expenditures.

Simon has seen a shift in the burden of taxation towards working people and would like the major parties to address corporate tax avoidance.

A product of Gymea Bay Primary, Kirrawee High and Ryde TAFE, Simon believes in public education and wants every child to have the best opportunities in our public system.

Simon acknowledges the growing environmental concerns of young people and believes those in public office have a duty to listen and act. Transparency in government is vital to address growing cynicism among younger voters.

Simon is proud to represent the Labor Party ideals of equality and fairness.

Gaye Cameron, Pauline Hanson's One Nation

Gaye Cameron. Picture: supplied

Gaye Cameron. Picture: supplied

Gaye Cameron, wife - mother - professional. Career spans over 30 years in all tiers of Government, Private Sectors including Education, Health, Infrastructure & Development. Gaye is highly educated, having completed a Masters Business Administration (specialising in Leadership and Sustainability); Graduate Certificate in Environmental Business Management; Graduate Certificate in Safety Science, and in recent years Diploma Counselling.

Gaye lives in Sylvania for sometime now says it's a beautiful area, with great people, who just want to live, raise their families, whilst have the best backyard in Sydney, if not Australia. "As your Candidate for One Nation, in addition to our Policies, if duly elected, I will be your voice for you on issues, some of which I may not agree with, in Canberra, which include but not limited to:

  • Slow down the rate of Immigration, which flows into our suburbs resulting in overdevelopment, congestion and squeeze on house prices.
  • Energy prices - ensure based load coal fired power stations are maintained or Government sources/tenders for a new low-emissions coal fired power station.
  • Work with State and Local Councils towards positive action on climate change including re-treeing our streets, parks and gardens.
  • Fairer Family Law & Carer Support - One Nation is the only Party who is willing to have this fully reviewed. Too many families are torn during divorce & separation and the cases are taking too long, over complicated and sadly some people take their lives in the process.

"Our government has lost touch in consulting with their constituents. I want to be the voice for Cook and take issues head on in Canberra."

The former Liberal Party member said: "The Liberals have simply lost their way. They do not represent the true conservatives any more and you can no longer tell the difference between Labor and Liberal".

Ms Cameron said she had always admired the guts and determination of Senator Pauline Hanson. "Her party's policies and values fit with me, and I strongly believe Pauline Hanson's One Nation represents more of what our nation needs," Ms Cameron said.

Jon Doig, The Greens

Jon Doig. Picture: the Greens

Jon Doig. Picture: the Greens

Jon Doig is standing for real action on the climate emergency: shifting to 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and phasing out coal, the number one cause of climate change.

As founder of Sutherland Climate Action Network, Mr Doig briefed newly elected MP Scott Morrison on the climate emergency back in 2008. Over a decade later, record-breaking heat is killing the reef, burning rainforests and forcing wildlife to extinction. Yet Australia's greenhouse emissions are still rising and Prime Minister Morrison is still spruiking coal.

The Greens' plan to Renew Australia will add over 7,000 rooftop solar installations in Cook, lowering bills and emissions while creating jobs. We will establish Power Australia as a public-owned energy retailer selling 100% renewable energy at affordable rates, without gouging the consumer for corporate profits.

The money and influence of the fossil fuel industries and other big corporations are corrupting our democracy and holding Australia back.

The Greens are the only major party to ban corporate donations. Our policies are developed with expert input by grassroots local groups like Sutherland Greens. We call for a ban on corporate political donations and a federal ICAC to investigate corruption.

Australia is facing rising inequality. The Greens will tax large corporations, increase Newstart by $75 a week and build nearly 1,500 safe, affordable homes in Cook over the next 15 years. Our wages credit policy will mean 16,000 local businesses in Cook will have more money to afford pay rises and hire new staff.

Mr Doig is a city research software engineer at UNSW. He lives in Gymea Bay with his family and loves sea-kayaking. An environmental campaigner since the 1980s, he also campaigned for the Sutherland-Cronulla shared path. The Greens will invest in public transport, electric vehicles and cycleways to make our transport system more efficient and sustainable.

Roger Bolling, Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group

No information provided.

John Neil McSweyn, United Australia Party

John McSweyn. Picture supplied

John McSweyn. Picture supplied

John McSweyn, was born in Cronulla, in the electorate of Cook, and has lived all his life in the Sutherland Shire. John has a beautiful family with his wife Maree and 3 children and happily married for nearly 40 years.

John is a business entrepreneur with a lifetime of experience owning and operating a wide variety of businesses. Currently the Managing Director of The Brokerage Connection, offering a national franchise network in Business Broking, business coaching, mortgage broking and real estate sales.

John is a passionate resident of the Sutherland Shire, enjoying its beautiful beaches, pristine water ways, green natural environment and would work hard improving the lives of fellow Shire residents.

Having a business background, I would like to work with business owners, help pensioners, property owners and all residents. We need to continue making Australia and our Shire, the best area to live and raise our families

John is also a huge supporter of the Sharks rugby league team, commencing with being the ball boy in the inaugural team in 1967, and member for many years of the football and leagues clubs. John also enjoys golf, tennis, and regular walks along the Promenade