Psychic, medium and ghostbuster Kerrie Erwin to appear at Sharkies

Clairvoyant Kerrie Erwin:
Clairvoyant Kerrie Erwin: "When you work between two worlds, you learn not to be surprised whatever happens"

Kerrie Erwin is a psychic, medium, and ghostbuster as well as an author of eight best-selling books.

Based in Sydney, Erwin uses her clairvoyant gift to heal people that go to her looking for help.

Her journey began when she was a little girl, seeing and hearing spirits.

"When I was sleeping, spirits used to wake me up at night,'' Erwin says. ''You could hear the footsteps, then sure enough, I would look up and someone would be standing by the door, usually it was the man in the suit.

''Initially frightened, I would try to suffocate myself under the blankets and sheets. I didn't know what they wanted; I was too scared to even ask."

As a teenager Erwin joined a spiritualist church where she was able to meet people who were gifted like her. This led to her assisting people with grief around the passing of loved ones.

Erwin then realised that her ability was a gift so she decided to fully become a medium and explore the other world.

"When you work between two worlds, you learn not to be surprised whatever happens,'' she says.

''You learn to simply take each day as it comes and go with the flow, as there is always so much to learn from psychic phenomena."

The audience at Sharkies Leagues Club will experience a 2.5 hour show where Erwin will connect people with loved ones from beyond the grave. The show on May 25 starts at 7.30pm.