Crispy colours of Autumn as cool mornings unravel to warm, dry days

Cue the autumnal hues of crisp brown, amber, yellow and green.

With less than two weeks of the season left before winter falls, May is blooming. Even the bats came out to play.

Leader photographer Chris Lane captured some of nature's best at Camellia Gardens and Gunnamatta Bay on Friday.

Although the extra blanket may not have hit beds yet, morning temperatures have dropped in Sydney to lows of about 13 degrees at about 7am.

But days are bone dry, and the sun should remain well in sight throughout the weekend and into early next week.

Significantly minimal volumes of water have entered Sydney's rivers and storages - some of the lowest inflows into catchment dams since the early 1940s.

There is a small chance of rain on Sunday (30 per cent) before temperatures climb to a predicated top of 24 degrees on Monday, 26 on Tuesday and 25 on Wednesday.