Election 2019 Live: Barton

Labor's Linda Burney, the MP for Barton

Labor's Linda Burney, the MP for Barton


ABC's Antony Green has called the election.

"I think that the Morrison Government hs been elected," he said. "I can't say if it will be a majority or minority government."


Labor's Linda Burney has 59.01 per cent of the vote in Barton on a Two Party Count basis, and the Liberal's Pramej Shrestha 40.99 per cent.


ABC's Antony Green says it is very hard to see how Labor can reach government on the numbers seen at the moment: L/NP 70, ALP 62, 14 in doubt.


Counting update: L/NP has 68 seats, ALP 60, with 18 in doubt.


ABC says on current numbers if the government can hold the seats it has in WA, it may achieve a majority government.


Liberals-Nationals have 61 seats, ALP 59. 76 seats are needed to claim government.


ABC says at this stage it appears the government may lose five seats but may pick up five seats.


ABC says Coalition and Labor are neck-in-neck.


ABC analyst Antony Green says on a Two party Preferred basis there is a 1.3 per cent swing to the Liberals


With 10.5 per cent of the vote counted the ABC is saying Linda Burney will retain the seat.


Counting has started in the seat of Barton.

Barton is one of the most diverse electorates in Australia.

Barton MP, Labor's Linda Burney is the first woman indigenous woman to to be elected to Federal Parliament.

The Liberal candidate Pramej Shrestha is the first candidate of Nepalese background to stand in an Australian Federal election.

Barton has has candidates from the Chinese and Greek communities.

Lina Burney thanks her volunteers out there doing hard work in the sun today..

Lina Burney thanks her volunteers out there doing hard work in the sun today..

Linda Burney won the seat from the Liberal's Nick Varvaris in 2016.

Barton is considered a safe Labor seat. Ms Burney holds the seat with a margin of 8.3 per cent

Barton streaches from Marrickville in the north to Jubilee Avenue, Princes Highway and President Avenue in the south; Kingsgrove Raod, the M5 and King Georges Road in the west to the Cooks River and Botany Bay in the east.

There are six candidates standing for Barton in election 2019:

Linda Burney, Labor; Premej Shrestha, Liberal; Conor Parrisis, The Greens; Sonny Susilo, Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group); Phillip Pollard, Paul Hanson's One Nation Party; Ben Tung Liu, The United Australia Party.

Ms Burney will be watching the election count from the Marrickville Golf Club.