Random Acts of Kindness

An honest gesture

After walking away from the ATM at St George Bank Sutherland on Friday a lady called after me because a man in a motorised chair discovered I had left $100 behind!

He quickly gave the money to me, I thanked him and he and went on with his transaction. So grateful to kind and honest people - makes me smile every time I think of it.

There are lots of good people around and they need to be acknowledged.

I am so grateful.

Robyn Oliver

Ferry's Anzac gift

I would like to express my thanks to Cronulla Ferries, and in particular the ticket collector working on Anzac Day.

I am a serving ADF member and took the ferry, with family and friends, to Bundeena to attend the RSL following the Munro Park Dawn Service.

The ticket collector very kindly waived the fees for not only myself but also my family and friends.

This was a very kind gesture and meant more to me than a free trip. This was one of the resasons that made my day so special and meaningful.

Thank you Cronulla Ferries!


Mystery guest's treat

Our family went out to dinner with our special needs son recently.

It's not the easiest experience because he can get restless very quickly and can be very vocal. On this particular evening he was acting up a bit more than usual and we had to execute a hasty retreat.

But when we approached the cashier the waitress told us that a mystery guest had paid for our entire meal and left a note: "Sorry you weren't able to enjoy your night out".

Some people absolutely understand what we are going through and that made me cry. Thank you so much for your kindness.

Joan, Kingsgrove

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