Reactions to ScoMo's federal election win

Getting on with the job: Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a meeting at the Commonwealth Parliament Offices in Sydney on Monday. Picture: Joel Carrett, AAP
Getting on with the job: Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a meeting at the Commonwealth Parliament Offices in Sydney on Monday. Picture: Joel Carrett, AAP

My husband and I are Baby Boomers and now grey nomads. We were born and grew up in and with the shire before it bore exclamation marks.

As children we both went to Sunday school at our local church receiving moral values that have guided us throughout our lives. We attended our local public school and were inspired by our teachers to know, love and look after our wonderful country.

It has saddened us greatly to witness the direction Australian society has been heading in recent years and particularly throughout this divisive election campaign.

It has given us great heart that our elected Prime Minister is a practicing Christian and hope that he will use his moral values to guide Australia and its people through the very difficult decisions that face Australia and the wider world today and bring all Australians along with him.

Carol Reynolds, Illawong

Part of the voting process for a particular party consists of what a voter hears, sees or reads via the various media outlets, particularly television.

Our two winning lads from the shire, Scott Morrison and Craig Kelly, have quite a few traits in common, but for mine, one stands out: handling the media better than any other politician.

A comprehensive grasp of facts and figures; an ability to stick to the core issues without deviation; and an overt enthusiasm for those they represent.

But there is also another high-flyer who is shire-connected: the deputy leader of the opposition, who has just declined to stand for the Labor leadership for family reasons, Tanya Plibersek. She attended Jannali Girls High School.

Must be something in the drinking water.

Paul Hunt, Engadine

Wonderful night Scott and Jen. Thank you for your superhuman efforts in your campaign. You are so greatly admired and appreciated. God bless you.

Dorothy Hewitt

Well let's hope he sticks to his word and works for everyone. Workers and pensioners, not just the top end of town and please look at electricity.

Jennifer Kay Drabble

It was never in doubt, I believe in the Australian people being smart enough to see through the Labor dribble.

Sue McCarthy

Congratulation Mr Morrison. Commonsense prevails, well done. Australia has voted! Now let the best team get on with the job.

Nicola Oliver

I lived in Caringbah and met Scott. He is lovely family guy. Good on him. People who don't know him fool u.

Krissy Lea

Selfishness reigns over the environment, health care, education, community services, homelessness and anyone who is a minority. So disappointed in Australia right now.

Clair Drew

Tax breaks for the top end of town... Not closing tax loopholes for large multinationals, all good the average Aussie needs to pay more tax to support big business...oh and wait, you, the kids will all be paid a little less come July 1, when penalty rates are slashed.

Jamie Clarey

You can see the vision in his eyes; coal jobs for everyone, giant steam powered machines billowing out dark clouds of wealth. While booming schools and hospitals joyfully compete, ever striving to reach surplus-nirvana.

Ricardo Moped

More tax cuts for the wealthy and a larger deficit. Well done.

Luke Arne