Lugarno's Nadia and Alf Taylor have provided an education for thousand children around the world

Lugarno's Nadia Taylor visiting one of the schools her foundation built in Africa.

Lugarno's Nadia Taylor visiting one of the schools her foundation built in Africa.

Thousands of disadvantaged children around the world have been able to achieve an education and better living conditions because of the generosity and hard work of Lugarno grandparents Nadia and Alf Taylor.

They have spent millions of dollars of their own money in building schools and factories to help communities in Africa, India and Latin America.

For their efforts, Mr and Mrs Taylor have each been appointed a Member (AM) of the Order of Australia for significant service to the community through philanthropic initiatives.

They are trustees of the Nadia and Alf Taylor Foundation, a private ancillary fund, since 2017.

Fund recipients have included the Cambodian Children's Trust, Carribean Harvest, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Fronter Projects, Hands for Hope, Indigo Foundation, Oxfam, Project Karma, Red Cross, School for Life Foundation, See Beyond Borders, The Funding Network, True North, UNICEF, With These Two Hands, and Zambia's Child.

Professionally, they are co-founders and managing directors of food packaging and processing company, TNA Packaging Solutions Pty Ltd.

Mr Taylor immigrated from Scotland and Mrs Taylor from Egypt, both in 1966.

They met working at the Arnotts Snack Foods where Mr Taylor was a factory manager and Mrs Taylor a Personal Assistant.

They married and started their own company, TNA Packaging Solutions.

"Alf came up with a brilliant idea for packing of food products," Mrs Taylor said. "Our company has been very successful and we wanted to give back as much as we can."

It was while on a business trip to Johannesburg that they saw children being taught in shipping containers.

"It was very hot in summer and very cold in winter," Mrs Taylor said. "We decided to provide funds to build a school so the children could learn in better conditions.

Alf Taylor gets an enthusiastic greeting on a visit to one of the schools his foundation built in Africa.

Alf Taylor gets an enthusiastic greeting on a visit to one of the schools his foundation built in Africa.

"This became our first project," Mrs Taylor said.

Mr Tayor said, "When we first started we were financing children's education in African countries. We built schools, provided uniforms and teachers.

"We would have education hundreds and hundreds of children. Recently, one of those children graduated from university."

Over the years they have also helped disadvantaged children in Latin America, India, Bangladesh and Australia.

"We are talking about children who are the poorest of the poor," Mrs Taylor said.

"In Uganda a couple of months ago we found two young girls who had been bound by the feet and left by the side of the road because they had Cerebral Palsy," she said. "We were able to get them into an orphanage.

"We have built schools, water tanks and put in roads in Uganda so kids don't have to carry water so far.

"We funded a factory in Bangladesh to build wheelchairs for children with Cerebral Palsy. Mothers had to carry these children on their shoulders. We were able to employ local people to build the wheelchairs to help the local families.

"We also kept it very quiet but some of our customers heard about it and also started supporting us," she said.

Mr Taylor said they have provided about $8 million in the past 12 years to help disadvantaged children.

"We would have helped thousands of kids, but also adults. Their families also benefit. When we build schools we also employ local contractors so we keep the money in the local community.

"It's a tragedy when you see little kids being educated in shipping containers, and then when you see them in classrooms it is inspirational," he said.