Photos | Lauren's rocket to the stars

A move to London brought a rapid ascent to the stars for Peakhurst dancer Lauren Seymour.

She features in several dance scenes in the movie Rocketman, the story of Elton John's life.

Lauren was voted Australia's favourite female dance on Channel 10's So You Think You Can Dance five years ago.

She reached the final episode of the competition, performing a number of dance styles and was runner-up to Michael Dameski in the final.

Lauren comes from a family of talented dancers. Sister Hannah also appeared on SYTYCD, and her other sister, Emily, has studied ballet in the United States.

Following her success on SYTYCD, Lauren moved to London in 2016 to extend her professional dancing career and was fortunate enough to land a spot as a dancer in the film.

"I got a call from my agent saying there was an audition for the Elton John movie, Rocketman," Lauren said.

The audition was a gruelling process with several call-backs but Lauren was successful.

"It was a whole day's audition and there were probably about 100 female dancers," she said.

"Then I got a call back and there were about 50 female dancers in total and about 50 boys.

"I found out a week later that they had narrowed it down to 15 girls and 15 boys."

Lauren had to perform three numbers in the audition while others did one or two numbers.

She appears in three big dance numbers in the movie to Elton John hits The Bitch Is Back, Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting, and Benny and the Jets.

"I spent my 27th birthday on the set," she said.

"Elton John visited while we were there . He watched as we rehearsed and said he was very impressed.

"I'm really proud of my work in the film. There's a scene where I am dancing quite close to the star, Taron Egerton who plays Elton.

"It's wonderful to have that exposure and my name in the credits, particularly for a dancer.

"It's a massive highlight of my career."

While in London, Lauren also danced on the X Factor and The Voice.

Lauren has now relocated back to Sydney.

"I'm working a lot of choreography and still performing," she said.

"I'm happy I got the experience of working in London and bringing that experience back to Australia to perform and to teach others."