Station parking woes avoidable

Re the article "Parking survey results come in for critcism" (Leader, June 12) and the worsening of car-parking at Sutherland station.

The parking situation around that station area would be far less of a problem had the Sutherland Shire Council accepted the consultants' recommendation, made some 19 years ago in an environmental study, to open for buses, the northern access road from Woronora Heights.

An improved public transport service from Engadine to Miranda and possibly Cronulla via Woronora Heights and Sutherland station would benefit the thousands of residents from Engadine, Woronora Heights and even the Woronora Valley.

Surely it is the state government's policy to provide improved public transport services for residents, rather than to cave-in to the demands of a few people in Woronora Valley to deny buses running past their front doors!

Jim Tilley, Woronora Heights