They 'Absolutely', 'Can't Wait to See You' at CHPRSL

Best from the west: Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch met in Perth and went on to become Eurogliders.
Best from the west: Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch met in Perth and went on to become Eurogliders.

ONE of the most popular Aussie bands on the 1980s, Eurogliders will play the Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL on Saturday, July 6

Songs like Heaven, We Will Together, Can't Wait To See You, Absolutely and The City of Soul became the songs of a young Australian generation and piloted Eurogliders to rock stardom.

The Eurogliders story begins in 1981, in Perth, Australia ... the most isolated city in the world.

Within a decade of forming, Eurogliders had recorded four albums, enjoyed a multitude of chart topping singles and been awarded a swag of awards from around the globe, for both music and video.

But Eurogliders truly began as a love story between a songwriter and a singer, both of whom had their own bands.

Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch met in Perth. Grace was lead singer for a band named Lumiere; and Bernie, lead singer for Living Single. They met, fell in love and Grace took over the lead singing role for Living Single. They changed their name to Eurogliders and suddenly everything changed.

The songs that Bernie wrote took on a life of their own in Grace's hands. Crowds doubled, then tripled. With Grace Knight, the 'manic ballerina', and Bernie Lynch on vocals and guitar, their performances were a rallying cry of anthems that audiences sung along with till their lungs were bursting.

Life was a long dizzying ride to the top of the charts and 10 top 10 charting singles and albums were the result.

Over the next decade Eurogliders traveled the world, charting in countries like Japan and America. Heaven was a top five hit on the Billboard USA charts.

In 2015, Eurogliders released a new CD, Don't Eat The Daisies, comprised of both new songs and re-workings of some of the classic hits, including We Will Together and Heaven.

The new songs talk of love, of rebirth and of finding one's sense of self.

Today, some 27 years later, the relationship between singer and songwriter may have changed but the love of performing and their enduring friendship continues every night on stage.

Eurogliders perform at the CHPRSL on July 6 from 8pm.