Family favourite vies for a Logie

Re the article ''Loveable TV show's Logie nomination'' (Leader, June 19) and the program Back in Time for Dinner which has been nominated for a Logie in the most popular lifestyle program category.

It was fun for a 68-year-old to watch. Obviously couldn't capture every issue in each show and no I did not live in some of the interior designed rooms shown (only bits) as a child or a young adult. But I enjoyed the show and the family who participated. Well done ABC and creative host.

John McGowan

Just loved this show. Totally heritage at its best. Great education tool.

Maureen Gallagher

I loved this show, I wished it went for longer.

Stephen Brown

It was a very good show, my kids got a lot out of it.

Jennifer Exton

Great show, lovely family.

Shirley Naylor