Bathroom design works when function meets form


CLEAN LINES: Timberland's bathroom vanities can take your bathroom out of the ordinary and make it something really special.

CLEAN LINES: Timberland's bathroom vanities can take your bathroom out of the ordinary and make it something really special.

Timberline Bathroom Products have a new home in the Blue Mountains.

The family-owned Australian business is passionate about offering the highest quality products and outstanding customer service and invites customers to check out their new display at Hobbs Bathroom Company in Blaxland.

Area manager Lizette Pomering said the partnership was an exciting move.

"This isn't just another shop on the highway, it's a destination showroom," she said.

"We have brought together a fantastic collection of Timberline products in completed concept bathrooms from our comprehensive Nevada range, through classic black and white, to the cutting edge design of our unique Milan suite.

"If you are shopping for bathroom furniture then this is something you have to come and see."

Ms Pomering said Hobbs represented a new generation of Timberline stockists.

"Clearly they understand our incomparable manufacturing credentials but they take a professional, design-based approach to helping customers make exactly the right decision in what can be an overwhelming process," she said.

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Hobbs Bathroom Company founder and managing director Matthew Hobbs agrees.

"We've found that for our bathroom renovation clients, the vanity can more often than not be the most important piece in the room," he said.

"They are where function meets form in your bathroom and you can't choose them in isolation.

"Colour has to reference tile choice, configuration has to accommodate your storage requirements and the style of the bowl must respect other design elements in the room.

"It's a really dynamic decision and the Timberline range gives us the flexibility to tailor our client's needs perfectly."

There is a Timberline vanity to suit every bathroom and a range of options to make yours truly unique including customised paint colour and lighting kits.

Feature lightingcan take a great bathroom and make it absolutely phenomenal.

For a very small cost you can include some smart mood lighting and hook it up to a motion sensor.

Use subtle downlighting over your mirror or choose from Timberline's range of vanity and cabinet lighting options.

For details on the Timberline range call Hobbs Bathroom Company on 4739 0827 or drop into their showroom at 1/31 Attunga Road, Blaxland from 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday.