Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

'We live in a great society'

On Tuesday, July 2, while driving our 17-year-old daughter to the airport we were involved in a car accident on the Princes Highway in Kogarah Bay.

Thankfully we were all okay. Thanks to our son, our daughter made her international flight.

We just wanted to thank all those involved who helped us. A traumatic situation was made better by the professionalism of all involved. The police from St George local area, the fire brigade, our ambulance officers, Lucy, Kate, Andrew and Nelly, our tow truck driver Bill from Ramsgate Towing.

Also the gentleman who stopped as a witness and gave a statement, to the nurse who stopped and called out if we needed assistance, to the people who came out of their houses and also offered assistance, to the staff of St George Emergency - thank you all.

It was an accident and we are thankful that no one was seriously hurt.

I hope that Andrew and Darcy in the other car and truck are okay, everyone was shaken.

We live in a great society and are so blessed to have services like this to assist us in our hour of need. Thank you everyone you did a fantastic job.

Sarah, Andy, Conor and Ellen Soffe Jannali

Purse was delivered home

To the lovely man from Jannali who drove all the way to my house from Kareela shops to return the purse that had fallen out of my bag in the car park, thank you! It was so lovely of you to return it to me in person safe and sound before I'd even noticed it was missing. You saved me a lot of heartache! I hope someone does something equally as kind for you in return.

Holly, Gymea Bay

Platform peril averted

Thank you to the kind young man at Hurstville station who helped me with my pram after I dropped one of my shopping bags on the platform while trying to get my pram and toddler onto the train.

Angela, Carlton

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