Updated | Council endorses right turn ban at Cronulla intersection where Gai Vieira was critically injured


A ban will be imposed on north-bound traffic turning right at the Cronulla intersection where Gai Vieira was critically injured.

Sutherland Shire Council unanimously endorsed the recommendation of staff and the traffic committee.

The proposal generated strong debate when it wax revealed the Leader, with opinion appearing to be evenly divided.


A ban on north-bound traffic turning right is proposed at the Cronulla intersection where Gai Vieira was critically injured.

Ms Vieira was turning right from Connels Road into Kingsway towards Cronulla on September 5, 2018, when her Mercedes was hit by a police highway patrol car

Sutherland Shire Council staff, who reviewed traffic and accident data for the intersection, recommended the ban, describing the change as "reasonable".

A decision is expected to be made at the council meeting on Monday next week.

The council has been liaising with Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) on traffic safety in the area following the accident.

RMS agreed to a council request for new traffic signals at the intersection of Kingsway and Woolooware Road, Woolooware. They were due to be installed by this month.

A decision on whether to introduce a right turn ban for north-bound traffic at the intersection of Kingsway and Connels Road was left to the council.

A council staff report said the installation of traffic signals at Woolooware Road could lead to more traffic using Connels Road.

"The redistribution of right turns to Connels Road is of concern, given the safety of these movements," staff said.

The report said a council survey in April, 2019 found, during a typical morning peak hour, about 36 vehicles turned right from Connels Road, 16 vehicles turned right from Woolooware Road and three vehicles turned right from Dolans Road.

An analysis of crashes at the three intersection for the five years ending June, 2018, using Transport for NSW's Centre for Road Safety database, was carried out.

The analysis revealed 11 reported crashes at Woolooware Road, including six where injuries occurred, and and one fatal crash.

Three crashes were recorded at Connels Road, two involving a right turn into Kingsway and all resulting in injury.

Those figures do not include Ms Vieira's accident, which was outside the reporting period.

There were no accidents at the Dolans Road intersection.

The report also revealed Mayor Carmelo Pesce received complaints from residents in adjoining streets about the proposed new traffic lights at the Kingsway / Woolooware Road intersection.

Residents fear the change will lead to more vehicles using their streets to avoid the traffic lights

The report also discussed future traffic signal proposals for the area.

"Council has received requests from the community for traffic signals at Woolooware Road and Franklin Road due to road safety concerns," the report said.

"Council is also looking at the option of signalising the intersection of Kurnell Road in conjunction with removing the adjacent mid-block pedestrian signal in the long term.

"Extensive investigation is still required between council and RMS..."